Blog articles from October, 2022

  • great ormond street hospital

    • 16th October 2022
  • battersea power station

    • 5th October 2022
  • roof garden

    • 13th December 2014
  • moon garden

    This tiny garden was designed quite literally as an outside room, a concept which sadly has now become something of a garden design cliché, but which in my opinion is…

    • 6th December 2014
  • docklands

    Our client in his late twenties wanted a garden where he could entertain friends and ‘toast marshmallows’ so we gave him a gas firepit, a hot tub and a putting…

    • 30th November 2014
  • chimney roof garden

    The advent of large sliding doors has transformed gardens as they become constantly on display and have to look good day and night all year round. Plants of course contribute…

    • 27th November 2014
  • pavilion terrace

    The main terrace overlooks the cricket ground at Lords in north London.  Both bedrooms and living spaces lead onto it so I divided up and defined the space with planted…

    • 5th November 2014
  • outdoor dining terrace

    The penthouse apartment atop the former Harrods depository was one of a number of homes owned by my clients and they were only in London during the summer. This enabled…

    • 30th October 2014