Trees planted in Moorfields

It’s been a feat of engineering in itself to bring the trees into the podium area of 21 Moorfields in The City of London. This zone is in the public realm but to get the plants in required craning them from the street up over 5 storeys and back down into the beds. We have yet to construct the planters for further planting but already just a three trees shows what a difference even a small amount of green makes in an urban environment. We say small, but these trees were each over 6m tall and weighed well over two tonnes each. Hats off to the team who planted them.

The building here will be home to new Deutsche Bank HQ in the City of London and is designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects. The entire scheme includes new public realm, raised walkways, bridges, and a new City Garden. Additionally there are six levels of private roof terraces which we have already planted. The building is huge with a footprint of approximately 100m x 60m and just to make things a bit more difficult it sits directly above the new Crossrail station. A genuine feat of engineering and an exciting  project for Andy Sturgeon Design to work on.