mediterranean garden in progress at national trust’s beningbrough

These massive Yorkshire stone boulders will be part of the Mediterranean Garden that has been designed for the walled garden at Beningbrough in North Yorkshire.


We were on site to see that work is progressing well with the walls ready to clad in locally sourced York stone and the pool base is in place.

This part of the garden was most recently laid out to lawns, but now it will become a place to wander among Mediterranean plants while listening to the gentle sound of water. Andy’s design has created views and cosy corners for visitors to enjoy, while there is plenty of new seating and wide areas of planting. The newly introduced water ponds will add reflection and rippling patterns to the garden and importantly will attract plenty of wildlife to the garden along with the nectar rich flowers which will be planted. There were some existing cherry trees in the garden, but they won’t last forever, so the design has added new cherries that will be established when the older trees reach the end of their lives.



The walled garden is part of a ten-year wider scheme to revitalise the landscape at Beningbrough while respecting the heritage of the place. In 2018, the first phase was to build a new pergola in the walled garden, the Mediterranean garden should be complete later in 2024.