Horatios Blooming

Our new Horatio’s Garden in Belfast, Northern Ireland is now complete and the spring bulbs are beginning to work their magic. Many of the patients and their families and friends will be here for many weeks, if not months, so we have worked hard to ensure that the planting changes with the seasons so that every day feels different in the garden and that there is always plenty that is new to enjoy.

We believe that Biophilic design – or bringing people up close with nature and natural materials is essential for healing spaces.  From the cedar in the pergola and pavilion to the clay water chutes that in the dry stone walls, everything here is tactile. Together with the scents of the plants and the sounds of the leaves and grasses rustling in the wind, or the gentle sound of water,  we aim to bring as much of the therapeutic power of nature to this space. And if patients can’t get outside, we’ve made sure they have a good view out of their window.

We’re looking forward to seeing the garden establish over the next few months and years to come and are very proud to have designed this special place.