chelsea flower show 2016

Andy is designing The Telegraph Garden for Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

‘Inspired by the magnitude of geological events that have shaped and moulded our landscape over millions of years, this is a garden about perspective of both time and scale. It reminds us of our own relatively insignificant and fleeting moment on Earth.

The garden represents a ‘captured landscape’ in which a gently gardened space exists within a larger, wilder setting. Dramatic bronze fins represent an ancient mountain range with a stream of melt water running in the gorge below. The planting is warm and semi-arid, an imagined plant community and contrived landscape echoing the chaparral of California’s Sierra Madre or the mattoral of the foothills of Chile’s Andes.  

The garden highlights the need to adapt gardens to their environments and to futureproof them against a changing climate.’

For further information about the show garden click here