Cheslea Flower Show Diary Waterspouts

andy’s chelsea diary: water spouts

Water will play a central role in our garden this year – providing reflection and calm as it gently pours from ceramic spouts into tranquil pools.


This is the first time we have used ceramic for the waterspouts at an RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden. Ceramicist Thea Thompson creates wonderful organic pieces that are inspired by geology and natural rock formations and she is applying that to these spectacular water chutes. Thea works with layer upon layer of different clays that are tooled and marked, glazed and fired. We first tested out various chute shapes before settling on these circular ones. You can get a sense of the size of these chutes when you see Thea’s hands next to them. These will then be set in the walls in the garden. Many elements in our garden take hours of work and great attention to detail – it’s a privilege to work with such talented artists.