Blog articles from February, 2019

  • rhs chelsea flower show 2019

    • 11th February 2019
  • rhs chelsea flower show 2012

    This garden is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and its underlying ethos and principles where traditional craftsmanship was advocated. The key elements of the movement are all represented…

    • 28th December 2014
  • great ormond street hospital

    • 27th December 2014
  • the vermeer garden

    The brief was for this garden was one of our more interesting requests and for that I thank our client.  ‘It should be like a Vermeer painting’. It had to…

    • 20th December 2014
  • rhs chelsea flower show 2010

    I designed this garden as a metaphor for the different journeys one can take through life.  Several paths lead through the garden and the visitor is presented with a number…

    • 19th December 2014
  • rhs chelsea flower show 2008

    This was the last of 3 consecutive gardens I made for the charity and I chose to focus on the progress which they make in the fight against cancer.  There…

    • 15th December 2014
  • roof garden

    • 13th December 2014
  • tributary garden

    There are very few gardens that actually front the Thames in London without a road or towpath between them.  But what struck me here was that from above the river…

    • 10th December 2014
  • moon garden

    This tiny garden was designed quite literally as an outside room, a concept which sadly has now become something of a garden design cliché, but which in my opinion is…

    • 6th December 2014