Blog articles from December, 2014

  • piazza vecchia

    For a number of years I have been involved with I Maestri del Paesaggio, an international landscape conference organised by Arketipos that takes place in the beautiful Città Alta in…

    • 26th December 2014
  • singapore garden festival 2014

    Full Circle? The environment, global warming and sustainability have rapidly climbed the political agenda yet we are bombarded with conflicting messages as entire countries have downscaled commitments to green policies…

    • 22nd December 2014
  • philadelphia flower show 2014

    There is a debate over whether the English artist Ben Nicholson was primarily a painter or sculptor as much of his 3-dimensional work was executed with only subtle relief.  This…

    • 14th December 2014
  • pommery eye garden 2012

    The 360 degree views are gently obscured and framed by a pure white metropolis of rectangles, white flowers, apple blossoms and simple greenery. The foliage and white cityscape are perfectly…

    • 3rd December 2014
  • gardening world cup 2010

    The theme of this show was ‘World Peace’ and a visit to the Atomic Bomb museum was incredibly powerful and moving.  I used elements from my Chelsea garden earlier in…

    • 21st November 2014
  • singapore garden festival 2012

    Primarily this is a real garden space which is embraced by planting, water and natural materials including stone and timber but there is an underlying message: The garden acknowledges that…

    • 13th November 2014
  • ‘urban greening’ future gardens 2009

    This conceptual garden show sadly only survived for one year and has not been replaced.  Essentially these were gardens with a message to deliver or were based on a single…

    • 9th November 2014
  • singapore garden festival 2008

    It’s unusual for a garden show to be inside but the extreme heat and humidity of Singapore means that an air conditioned exhibition hall is the only place that visitors…

    • 6th November 2014
  • ‘situation’ westonbirt international festival of the garden 2003

    ‘SITUATION’ questions whether an installation can be both sculpture and garden and walks a line somewhere between the two.   Using fundamental garden design principles it has a threshold, a sense…

    • 1st November 2014
  • suncheon bay expo 2013

    • 28th October 2014